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Areelu Vorlesh

  • "Indeed, but then the demons have never lacked for powerful magics. The witch Areelu Vorlesh opened the Worldwound with Deskari's help so such things are not beyond their capabilities," replies Aravashnial soberly.
  • "Areelu Vorlesh is no mere tamperer or vandal. She is the arch-witch who created the Worldwound in the first place. No wonder my dreams are red with blood and fury - one of greatest villains in the history of the Inner Sea has taken a direct interest. Though the situation is already desperate, this does not bode well."
  • "Drezen is an old crusader town now within the Worldwound. It would be a safe base for the demons' human worshippers."
  • Mentioned in the Note
  • Mentioned in the letter
  • Intended to use the ward stones against the defenders, a plan we appear to have thwarted.
  • Seen in the Wardstone Vision