Queen Galfrey

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"You guys must know her royal highness Galfrey rules all of Mendev from her palace in Nerosyan. She's also been running this crusade and fighting the demons longer than my great grandad would have been alive. That only makes sense since Mendev has more to lose than most countries if the demons slip the noose we've drawn around the Worldwound. People say that Iomedae herself keeps the queen young so that she can continue the fight. She's doing that good a job. Some say it's a blessing; others say a curse. The fight has had its price in dead and maimed and the Queen must bear responsibility for over a century of it."

"I've got to say she looking pretty well preserved. Not at all like a fossil. If my dad and her had met and hit it off instead of him loosing an arm in the crusade, I could have been a royal bastard."