Grey Garrison Note

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Lord Staunton, I believe you will find the enclosed weapon to be a singular and familiar delight, for it once belonged to your old “friend” Irabeth. She sold it to Kandro Nyserian, of all people — I’ve no idea why. Kandro’s been sitting on it for years — still would be, except his home got smashed by an ulkreth. Shame. He managed to save the sword and came here, begging for an escort north to Drezen, doubtless so he could give you the sword and weasel some cash to help him set up a new home. I hope you don’t begrudge a creativity I took — our friend Nyserian serves now as a warm suit for a vermlek as punishment for only revealing the sword now instead of when he first acquired it. I suspect the blade will take to your brother’s touch nicely!

your loyal servant, Othirubo