Grey Garrison

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Main Room

  • The tieflings have nothing except ordinary gear.
  • In the abrikandilu room there is an adamantine mace that detects as magical (Spellcraft DC 18 to identify).
  • The two cultists have one potion each (I won't make you identify them - they are both Cure Light Wounds) and a total of four scrolls: Bless, Cause Fear, Doom, and Shield of Faith respectively, all divine and all CL1.
  • The tiefling alchemist has a set of leather armour (Spellcraft DC 18) and a ring (Spellcraft DC 18) which detect as magical. He also has six potions: two are Cure Light Wounds, the others require Spellcraft checks to identify:

Individual Items

  • Mace: +1 adamantium
  • Leather Armour: +1 leather armour
  • Ring: Ring of protection +1 - Claimed by Kaygan
  • Potion 1, DC 16: Spider Climb (CL1)
  • Potion 2, DC 18: Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Potion 3, DC 18: Invisibilty
  • Potion 4, DC 18: Barkskin

The group no longer seem under attack, so they explore the bottom floor of the Grey Garrison. In the side room from the chamber in which they defeated the alchemist, they find that a long table and six chairs have been pushed against the western wall. On the opposite wall, a tapestry depicting a map of Mendev hangs from a silver rod—the tapestry has been slashed several times and splashed with filth. A bedroll sits on the floor, and on the nearby table is an array of alchemical devices and a long wooden sword case wrapped with cords, as if ready for travel. Inside the sword case they find a fine-looking longsword, the blade chased with silver. Tucked into the case underneath it is a note on a piece of parchment.

The note

The sword detects as magical, DC 23 to identify: +1 evil outsider bane longsword Claimed by Kira.

In the secret cubby

  • three cold iron longswords Claimed by Sol
  • two cold iron shortswords
  • two heavy crossbows
  • a composite longbow (+2 Str) Jod
  • a masterwork cold iron heavy mace
  • two cold iron longspears
  • cold iron dagger Kaygan, trade-in from Sol
  • 50 cold iron crossbow bolts
  • 100 cold iron arrows
  • a magic longsword (Spellcraft DC 18 to identify)
  • five magic arrows (Spellcraft DC 22 to identify) five +1 holy arrows
  • a single magic arrow of a different type (Spellcraft DC 28 to identify, Strong Necromancy aura) Outsider slaying Wendaug
  • two sets of masterwork chainmail Jod and Booam
  • a magical breastplate emblazoned with Iomedae’s holy symbol (Spellcraft DC 18 to identify) +1 breastplate Claimed by Mulluq.
  • one masterwork heavy steel shield
  • one magical heavy steel shield emblazoned with Iomedae’s holy symbol (Spellcraft DC 22 to identify) Claimed by Mulluq.


  • Scroll ( Cause Fear)
  • Scroll ( Comprehend Languages )
  • Scroll ( Doom )
  • Scroll
  • Scroll
  • Scroll ( Shield of Faith )
  • Scroll ( Remove fear )
  • Scroll (Protection from Good)