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[dice=Perception Dravite]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Surviival Dravite]1d20+10[/dice]



[dice=Atk Ogre Hook+1]1d20+11[/dice] [dice=DMG (P)]1d12+7[/dice]
[dice=Atk Warhammer]1d20+10[/dice] [dice=DMG (B)]1d8+6[/dice]
[dice=Atk Composite Longbow of Giant Bane(+3str)]1d20+9[/dice] [dice=DMG (P)]1d8+8[/dice]
[dice=Atk Composite Longbow of Giant Bane(+3str)]1d20++4[/dice] [dice=DMG (P)]1d8+8[/dice]

vs Humans

[dice=Atk Ogre Hook+1]1d20+11[/dice] [dice=DMG (P)]1d12+7+2[/dice]
[dice=Atk Warhammer]1d20+10[/dice] [dice=DMG (B)]1d8+6+2[/dice]
[dice=Atk Composite Longbow of Giant Bane(+3str)]1d20+9[/dice] [dice=DMG (P)]1d8+8+2[/dice]
[dice=Atk Composite Longbow of Giant Bane(+3str)]1d20+4[/dice] [dice=DMG (P)]1d8+8+2[/dice]


HD- 7d10+7 (+7toughness, +6 favored class) HP- 66 Currently- 66


AC 20 / 22 with barkskin(+3 dex, +6 +2 rhino hide shirt, +1 nat.arm.amulet)NOTE-+4 AC vs. Giants
Armor-+2 Rhino Hide Shirt (+6ac,maxdex+4,-1acp), +1 Natural Armor Amulet, Uncanny Dodge(FF ac includes dex mod.), Imp Uncanny Dodge (can't be flanked except by rogues of +4 levels to my own)


-NOTE +2 damage vs. humans, +4 dmg vs. giants, +1atk & +2dmg vs. large or bigger creatures,+1 atk vs. orcs/goblinoids, +2d6 on charge
Ogre Hook+1-+11atk,1d12+7 dmg,X3,2H,Piercing
Warhammer-+10atk,1d8+6 dmg,X3,1h(used 2H),Bludgeoning
Handaxe-+10atk,1d6+6 dmg,X3,lt,Slashing
+1 Composite Longbow of Giant Bane(+3str)-+9/+4atk,1d8+8 dmg,X3,ranged 110',Piercing(Manyshot-+9{2arrows}/+4 ) (+2 vs Giants +2d6 bane)(Deadly Aim= -2 to hit, +4 damage) +11/+6 atk, 1d8+4 dmg w/o Deadly aim
CMD-+24 (+4 vs. Bullrush and trip)
Speed- 20
Initiative- +3 (+5 Underground)
Languages- Common, Dwarven, Giantish


NOTE-+2 vs spells, spell-likes and poisons
Cloak of Resistance +2


Caster level Ranger levels -3 (CL4)
1st Level- Longstrider, Resist Energy
2nd Level- Barkskin


NOTE:*+2 Appraise,craft,and perception checks involving stone, +2 to know:geography, perception, stealth and survival Underground.

Acrobatics- +5 (2 ranks, non-class, dex)
Climb- +9 (2r, +3 class, str)
Handle Animal- +3 (3r, +3 class, cha)
heal- +8 (2r, +3 class, wis)
Knowledge:Dungeoneering- +9 (5r, +3 class, int)
Knowledge:Geography- +9/+11 (5r, +3 class, int)
Knowledge:Nature- +9 (5r, +3 class, int)
Perception- +11/+13 (5r, +3 class, wis) (+2 Stonecunning)
Ride- +8 (2r, +3 class, dex)
Spellcraft- +8 (4r, +3 class, int)
Stealth- +11/+13 (5r, +3 class, dex)
Survival +10/+12 (4r, +3 class, wis)(Leave No trail undrgrnd,can't be tracked)
Swim +9 (2r, +3 class, str)

Feats and Features

Favored enemy:Giant +4
Favored enemy:Human +2
Wild empathy
Woodland Stride
Favored Terrain- Underground
Deadly Aim
Improved Precise Shot
Combat Style:Archery---Precise Shot, Manyshot
Uncanny dodge/Improved Uncanny Dodge-Use ranger levels to abilities instead of barbarian levels. Details here.
Big Game Hunter (Feat of Varisia)
Dwarven bonuses


Potion of CMW
+2 Rhino Hide shirt
Ogre hook +1
Cloak of Resistance +2
Wand of CLW {48}
Belt of Strength +2
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Everfull Mug
hand axe
+1 Composite longbow of Giant Bane(+3 str)/72arro/20coldiron/20silver
Efficient Quiver
explorers outfit (wearing)
flint and steel
belt pouch
24 platinum pieces(303)
76 gold pieces(8)
8 silver pieces(12)
1 copper pieces(8)
2 potions of CLW
1 potion of CMW
1 scroll of Longstrider
Grappling Hook
100' of silk rope

A mule (named Crag)
A tent
100' silk rope
6 days of trail rations
5 waterskins (filled with water)
Iron pot

Current Load: 70.5 (light)
light load (76)
medium (77-153)
heavy (154-230)

Standard Operating Procedures

If I am ever not around for a bit Dravite will attack whatever looks to be one of the most powerful, closest creatures in a group (even if that means provoking AoOs), OR a giant. He hates Giants and will fight them over any other NPCs around. He will favor the Hook but if it doesn't seem effective he will switch to Warhammer, or Handaxe. He rarely uses the bow but if opponents are hard to get at he won't hesitate to send some arrows that direction. He is courageous and will help others unless it means his certain doom.


Janderhoff is where Dravite and his family were born and lived. None of his living family had ever left the dwarven fortress/city. Until they decided to strike out as a family on an excursion to an ancient familial burial chamber in the Mindspin mountains to pay homage to their dead ancestors. The trip was to be a leisurely romp into the mountains taking no more than a week.
The giants struck in the dark morning hours of day 2. There were 3 of them, hill giants, Dravite would soon find out. They got an obscene amount of pleasure making his family members each watch as one of their number was taken and pounded into mush, legs first, by which ever of the brutes' turn it was. Paw was first, then Dravite's brother, Mica, then Mum, big sister, Aggie. When the giants drowned his little sister, Dorin, in a keg of vile giant brew, Dravite almost lost his mind. This episode took almost 2 hours.
As the giants were getting prepared to end Dravite's agony, several arrows came whipping down from the rocks above, dropping one of the murderers. As the creature fell, his gore soaked club smacked against the young dwarf's head, sending him spiraling into a deep, dark sleep.

When the young dwarf awoke he saw his savior clearly for the first time. A Shaonti Ranger by the look of him, enough came to Janderhoff to trade that they were a familiar sight to Dravite.
The man had bandaged his wounds and was in the process of building a cairn for his family, who were thankfully covered in some scrubs the ranger had cut. A quick glance showed that all 3 giants lay on the ground, each pierced by many arrows, dead. The dwarf grabbed a weapon from one of the dead giant's hand. A crude, bloody hook, with a length of cord-wrapped iron for a handle. The giant had used it in one hand to gut his big sister's smashed, yet still breathing, body. A cold fury entered the dwarf, one that the ranger pledged to forge into a Killer of Giants. Dravite and the ranger (for the dwarf never asked and never cared to know his name) traveled together from the mountains, past Abken, skirted the Ashwood to Ilsurian, passed through the Sanos forest. The whole way was a hard, fast training session for Dravite. The Shaonti taught him how to hunt, and provide for himself, but more importantly, the ranger showed him how to kill his hated enemy. To hunt them down and slay them using a weapon of their own make. Every encounter with the evil creatures, the ranger forced the dwarf to watch, to learn by his example. After about a year, as they headed down the Yondabakari River, the ranger turned to Dravite and spoke, "You are ready. I have taught you what I could. You wish to kill giants, go and kill! Every giant slain is one less around to harm innocent folk. Go to Sandpoint. There are those there who may need one such as you, but my fate lies elsewhere. Your battle is not mine. Remember what I have shown you or you will die by the hand of such that slew your family, displaying your weakness.". And with that he was gone.....
Dravite traveled to Sandpoint, looking to kill. Looking to avenge. Looking to soothe his pain in a bath of the Blood of Giants.

Dravite is a pathfinder also, but he needs to join officially, his ranger-mentor gave him all the info and training to be a pathfinder and a signed writ of sponsorship to turn in at a chapter house or with a representative of the organization which I will do ASAP if there is a representative in town here. The Ranger taught him all about The Pathfinders and how they operate, including the Chapter House locations and the protocol involved in the organization.


Hit point rolls- 3rd level-1d8+1=8 +1 for die increase
4th level-1d8 1=8 +1 for die increase
5th level-1d8 1=7 +1 for die increase
(6th and 7th)+10