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  • Gnoll Expert

Dashki has drawn attention to himself with his generally rude attitude, his obvious attraction to the merchant princess (who considers him so far below her league that she hasn’t noticed, even if everyone else has), and his rough-hewn, almost feral manners.

Almah hired the mangy, dart-eyed Dashki weeks ago in Solku, while investigating the land granted to her by the Pactmasters. Since Kelmarane was said to be under the control of gnolls, she needed an expert who could explain what she was up against and provide an edge in any possible negotiations with the creatures. Largely due to Dashki’s animated first-hand accounts of gnoll savagery, Almah has given up on the idea of diplomacy, but she keeps him around because she trusts his advice, despite his eccentricities.

Anyone who spends any time with Dashki immediately notices that his powerful body odor betrays a man with a very loose relationship with hygiene. He dresses in filthy rags and walks with a slight limp due to an old injury (he says a gnoll once tried to chew off his left leg at the thigh), propping himself up with a gnarled wooden staff.