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Calla's Quest

"You two need to get out of here and get back to Tyr," she mutters. "The House depends on you."

Trying to not be too obvious, she pulls a flat packet, wrapped in soft leather, from inside her robe. "One of the good things about being an old woman is no one really wants to check what's under your coat," she chuckles wheezily. "This cost us a lot of money, so keep it safe. It's one half of a map - the other half is with the House in Tyr - to an untouched deposit of obsidian. If we can take it for the House, we can turn around the fortunes of the House. If it's lost here..."

She shakes her head. "It isn't common knowledge, but the loss of the slave trade hit us really bad. Much worse than most people, even in the House, think. We're mortaged to the hilt with some nasty customers, and they are wanting their money back. If this doesn't work out, Ianto is finished. All of us. You must get this back to the House. Promise me you'll do this!"


The Toothcutters are a primarily-elven crime gang from Tyr. The "toga-wearers" - they weren't actually wearing togas, more like veils and robes, and the term is normally a derisive reference to nobles or templars - you are unsure about. But you have heard about the legendary "Lands Within the Winds", whose inhabitants are said to resemble elves, but most people don't believe they actually exist and references are few.

Rebirth of Kalak

You have heard vague rumours of a prophecy, held to by die-hard members of Kalak's former regime, that the sorcerer-king will be reborn. To most people who know about it, they are demented ravings, but there are also rumours of a secret society dedicated to this aim.

Rod we know nothing about

Go to Tyr?

Scrolls from the Needle

A couple seem like ritual scrolls (I'll let you know which sort when I have my books) but most of the rest appears to be correspondence of some kind. Zavox was clearly a literate man of some education - probably a former templar - as the letters are addressed to him. They are from a single correspondent, someone signing themselves Hedriann. Hedriann doesn't give much away about himself but he refers one or twice to "here in Tyr". They also refer obliquely to "the undertaking" without explaining what that might be, and both Zavox and Hedriann appear to be part of some wider group or organisation as they refer to themselves as "loyal sons". It would appear that Zavox was exploring under the Red Needle for something that might be useful to their schemes, a primal entity that they could harness and bind with defiling magic. There is also a curious reference to "friends from within the wind".

Here's the conversation that set us on this track.....

Sirril: But Sirril murmurs in response to Furio, "The people within the wind remember when there was a time before the sorcerer-kings. When the land was not a burned desert and the sun was not dying. Are they elves? Perhaps, elves as they were before the time now, elves as they were before the burning. "Most have not heard of the People Within the Wind. Most of those that have consider them only a legend. But they exist. There are tales of travellers in remote places encountering them, too many stories to be all discounted as lies, mirages or ravings. Fair of skin, pale of hair, beautiful. Powerful warriors and skilled magicians. But the defiling magics of the sorcerer-kings burnt their realm away, and it exists only in fragments, separate yet part of this land, reached though magic gates of air. The People Within the Wind protect these pieces from outsiders." He seems to emerge from a reverie. "But I do not understand why they would engage in defiling magic. Their land is even more sensitive to defiling magic than our. Defilement caused most of it to disappear. It makes no sense." He sighs and lounges back on his cushions. "Perhaps these are more lies, or visions brought on by the desert heat." He drags on his hookah.
Sirril: "Perhaps, perhaps..." Sirril's mind seems to wander as he takes another drag. "There is a place where one of their air gates is said to be. At a certain time..."
Furio: "When? Where?"
Sirril: "West of Cromlin, when Ral is at its zenith and Gurthay setting with the Dawn Lady..." Sirril seems to be falling asleep.

So what we really want to know is: When will Ral be at its zenith and Gurthay set with the Dawn Lady

Templar Ritual

Templars performed a small ritual in the desert that depended on Ral and Gurthay being in the sky together? Will they know the when above?