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Combat Value (GP) Notes
escape! 50 6 survival days
Reward from Tek 5th level item
garison cash 720
crodlu acquisition crodlu, 2 daggers plus a spear
desert raiders 200 Components for alchemy
From the skeletal body Jade Pectoral, AC boost
Loot 100 crystals, rings and other tawdry jewellery
Loot from defiler camp 300 In trade goods, plus some healing fruit
Loot from the Needle 1260 Plus below
residuum 2,720
Caravan Pay 5 Each
Kestrekels 20
Gold under a rock 90
Caravan Pay 5 Each, except Cahel
Vials and things 2,250
Upgraded Mounts Description
Three days rations

Loot from the needle

Spoiler: Alluring Veil, Level 7, Uncommon, Head Slot, 2,600 gp

This gossamer veil conceals your features and augments your glamour.

Power (Illusion) Encounter (Minor Action) You assume the appearance of a member of any humanoid race of the same size category as you. Your clothing and equipment alter appearance as you desire. The illusion doesn't alter sound or texture, so a creature listening to you or touching you might detect the illusion.

Power Daily (Free Action) Trigger: You make an attack roll using an encounter or daily attack power that has the charm or illusion keyword and miss. Effect: Reroll the attack roll and use either result.


Spoiler: Wyrmtooth Dagger +2, Level 7, Uncommon, 2,600gp

Carved from a dragon's tooth, this dagger can strip away a creature's elemental defenses.

Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d6 damage per plus

Property On a critical hit the target loses its resistances (save ends).

Power Daily (Free Action) Until the end of the encounter, sorcerer attack powers you use through this dagger ignore the resistances of any enemy within 10 squares of you.


Spoiler: Standard healing fruit.


Spoiler: Scrolls of (1 each) Magic Circle, Object Reading and Arcane Lock.

Orb of Darkest Defiling Destroyed, Level 8, Uncommon, 3,400gp

When you draw on life energy to power your magic, fiery veins just beneath the surface of this black translucent sphere glow and pulse.

Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d6 damage per plus, +1d8 damage per plus when you use a power with arcane defiling

Property Whenever at least one ally takes necrotic damage from your use of arcane defiling, you gain temporary hit points equal to twice the orb’s enhancement bonus.

Power (Necrotic) Encounter (Free Action) Trigger: You use arcane defiling. Effect: One enemy within 20 squares of you takes necrotic damage equal to half your healing surge value.

History of the Orb:

The origins of these items are lost in the dim mists of time, but an orb of darkest defiling is created of the darkest, most abominable arcane magic imaginable. They are sought after by ambitious defilers to augment their power, but owners of these items often suffer from their proximity to such vile magic, being driven to insane and ultimately fatal hubris. This doesn't seem to prevent defilers trying to obtains such items, given that many are insane already, nor prevent the damage they do to the land. As a consequence, they frequently change hands as they are claimed by new owners as the previous holders perish.

Vials and Things

On one table are a series of reagents and raw material. These comprise:

  • 3 doses of bloodroot poison
  • 2 doses of deathjump spider venom
  • 2 doses of ground thassil root
  • 1 dose of demonweb terror venom

On another, there are a number of strange finished alchemical items. These comprise:

  • 2 lvl 5 poisonburst bombs (Consumable, Standard Action, Burst 1 within 10, +6 v Fort, ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends))
  • 2 lvl 6 smokebombs (Consumable, Standard Action, Burst 1 within 5, creates a zone which is heavily obscured until the end of your next turn)
  • 2 lvl 1 antivenoms (per the Adventurers Vault)

Finally, there is the table with the notes. Some of these look like alchemical formulas, namely:

  • Bomb preparation (takes any type of poison - injury, ingestion, inhaled - and makes a bomb out of it. The bomb is thrown as a standard action and creates a Burst 1 within 10, those in the area being targeted by the poison. However, the attack bonus of the poison is reduced by 2 from its normal potency)
  • Extra-distillation (two doses of one type of poison are distilled into one, the distilled dose providing a +2 to hit and -2 on any resulting saving throws against the poison effects)

The notes also seem to contain details of assassination jobs. Most seem to have already happened but there is one - a letter from Vareni, a noble in Tyr, negotiating the price for the assassination of his rival Kolumbar - which appears to be pending.

Pity the alchemist can't read yet. How are the lessons going, by the way?

There is also a small box that turns out to contain 2,250gp in high-denomination coins, and some of the items held by a couple of the assassinated assassins look quite nice: a widowknife widowknife of cloaking +2, and some boots boots of stealth lvl 3.