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Level 1

Item Held By GP Value
a mostly intact backpack, 1
a heavy crossbow 25
two shortswords, 10
a well made shortbow in an oiled case, 15
a signet ring with the image of a flaming hawk, 5
a mostly intact backpack containing eight days worth of dried rations (mostly hard biscuits and dried fruit) wrapped in cloth,
a purse containing 19gp and 12sp. 20.2
a light, circular steel shield with a wicked spike in the centre. Eljoy
a battered longsword Donkey 7
yew longbow along with a quiver of 16 black fletched arrows Aldwin
a long dagger Reekis
a skinning knife. Donkey
trail rations – 6 days; Eaten
A pouch at his belt holds 4 gold coins of Andoran mint, 11 silver pieces, and an oddly shaped tin whistle. Anor
Cash donkey. 5.1
Eljoy's large wooden shield can be thrown into the kitty 3.5
small semi-precious stone 15
six carved wooden dolls of middling quality that might possibly have some sort of value 30
pouch of funny coloured salt 50
30 GP (Each) 150
Fey's Gem 300
thieves' tools Reekis
a 50' silk rope Keep
and a bag with 63 gp 63
Total 699.8
Total Each 139.96