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Savram Vade: Son of the wizard Sharvaros, Savram is a quiet, withdrawn but bright-eyed nine-year-old boy. When not being tutored by his father, he is sometimes known to play with Jurin Kreed.

Jurin Kreed: Son of the wealthiest, most powerful, (and some would say vilest man in Falcon’s Hollow), Jurin Kreed is a blonde haired boy of eleven. Most of the children that Oliver talks to say that Jurin behaves insufferably, snarling at the other children and threatening to have his dad’s bodyguards beat them if they don’t do everything he says. However, the town butcher, Colbrin Jabbs who is out looking for his own missing son, says that the boy has a good heart deep down, and has spent many hours at the Jabbs’s house reading to his son Mikra in the afternoons.

Mikra Jabbs: The thirteen-year-old son of the town butcher, Colbrin Jabbs, Mikra’s difficult birth resulted in several mental deficiencies. He is tall and skinny, with dark hair. He cannot read, is easily confused, and believes almost everything he is told. Despite (or because of) this, Mikra seems to be well-liked by everyone. While not incredibly bright, the boy possesses limitless kindness and his bright smile wins the hearts of almost anyone who meets him (according to his father, and several other people that Oliver speaks to). Colbrin claims that Mikra has several good friends who always look out for him, including Jurin Kreed, Kimi Eavewalker and Hollin Hebbradan.

Kimi Eavewalker: Daughter of the famed elven ranger Idris and a beautiful Tien seamstress named Kitani, Kimi is a already a willowy brunette beauty (“or she would be if she didn’t always try to dress and act like a boy,” claims one kid who Oliver talks to. “Don’t tell her I said that though! She’ll hit me.”) Kimi idolizes her oft- (and currently) absent dad and has grown into a fearless tomboy chomping at the bit to follow in her father’s adventurous footsteps as soon as she is old enough to wield a sword. Kimi is the protector of her band of friends, often scrapping with boys twice her age who try to bully the others. She usually wins these bouts, and many of the town’s children are afraid of her.

Hollin Hebbradan: Hollin is a freckly faced red haired ten-year-old boy missing his two front teeth (from a bad spill off the waterwheel at the old mill). Hollin’s mother died in childbirth and his father was savaged and killed by an owlbear two years ago. Now Hollin’s older sister, a beautiful young red-haired woman named Ralla, looks after him. Ralla has been frantically looking for Hollin all morning, but Oliver only briefly speaks to her as she says she needs to return to week. Oliver later learns that the two siblings have struggled to make ends meet and rumour has it Ralla works in one of the pleasure dens on Mud Street to keep food on the table. Hollin is a skilled woodcarver and he manages to earn a few copper pieces hawking his statuettes. The boy’s only aspiration is to grow up faster and work the cutyards so his sister won’t have to set foot in a brothel ever again.