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  • shield before Adalwin and Eljoy were on him – it hangs on his belt, a light, circular steel shield with a wicked spike in the centre. Eljoy
  • several weapons – a battered longsword, Donkey
  • - his yew longbow along with a quiver of 16 black fletched arrows, Aldwin
  • - a long dagger Reekis
  • - a skinning knife. Donkey
  • trail rations – mostly dried and smoked meat that would probably have sustained him for about 6 days; Eaten
  • a flea infested woollen blanket; Leave
  • a piece of flint and a sliver of steel, Leave
  • tied together with twine; Leave

and a small cast iron skillet. Leave

  • A pouch at his belt holds 4 gold coins of Andoran mint, 11 silver pieces, and an oddly shaped tin whistle. Anor will pocket the whistle. Cash on the donkey.
  • Eljoy's large wooden shield can be thrown into the kitty