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The Cult of the Green Lady

The cult of the Green Lady has been operating in Diamond Lake for about twenty five years, ever since the Wee Jas priestess Amariss turned up in the area with a handful of followers and moved into an old cairn on the far side of the lake from town. She claimed the cairn to be the final resting place of a devout follower of Wee Jas who had led her people on a great pilgrimage some thousand years earlier – the Green Lady. Since those days the cult has grown to include about two dozen locals; the inner circle and some others live in a camp near the cairn of the Green Lady, while others live in town, patrolling Diamond Lake’s graveyard and crossing the lake every few days to participate in services to Wee Jas at the cairn.

The cult is generally viewed with suspicion by the townsfolk and local authorities, but are tolerated owing to the fact that they provide cheap or free burials for those who cannot afford to pay, and that their patrols of the graveyard keep the place safe from graverobbers, necromancers and the occasional shifty student of medicine from Greyhawk.

In actual fact the cult appears to be a fairly above board group dedicated to a minor saint of Wee Jas as well as the Ruby Sorceress herself – investigations by several inquisitors from Wee Jas’ temple in Greyhawk over the years have apparently found no evidence of heresy. Still, there are ceremonies held from time to time deep within the cairn of the Green Lady that Amariss only allows her closest inner circle to attend … some whisper that these ceremonies are far from orthodox.